Lucifers Beard Uncovers Mr Invicible

Lucifers Beard makes a comeback with Mr. Invisible, another captivating song that explores the subject of extroverted behavior, which people frequently use to mask their true selves. Lucifers Beard explores the foundations of several music genres in his unique style once more.

Although the artist explores and expresses his thoughts on human behaviorism in this song, you will undoubtedly be forced to consider the same issues. The fundamental essence of Mr. Invisible is alternative, grunge, punk rock, and indie music, but the musician made a smart choice by incorporating some potent sonic tricks taken from post-hardcore and noise rock.

Lucifers Beard thoroughly considered every segment, so you’ll hear how every music genre has its place in this sonic equation. It’s also mind-blowing how everything resonates with some relentless heaviness and power, but it also has that irresistible, melodic, harmonious alter-rock ambiance.

Along with strong chord progressions and riffs, there are also catchy leads, themes, and melodies. To add even more spice, the artist also added a layer of vividly audible low-end tones. This sounds ear-appealing and amusing from beginning to end since Lucifers Beard is a brilliant songwriter, composer, and guitarist who alternates between peaceful and aggressive passages.

Listen to Mr. Invicible below 

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