Listen To xGCA As He Narrates “Caught In A Lie”

The Intro of “Caught in a Lie” says it all about the type of musician xGCA is. Born Gilad Adar, is a rising producer and singer based in New York who gradually rose the ranks in the music world. Gilad performs under the moniker xGCA.

His latest single Caught In A Lie is based on a real-life experience where he got betrayed after putting his trust in who he thought was his significant half, although the experience was a painful one, xGCA has been able to put all these emotions in the song.

Listening to Caught In A Lie, you could feel the emotions that welled up in him during that phase of his life, yet I’ts astonishing how transferred all those feelings into the heart of his listeners.

His sultry voice on the song makes it ear-pleasing and welcoming, allowing the lyrics of the song to connect with you while exploiting your inner self.

‘The song was inspired by the pain and confusion that followed, as I struggled to come to terms with the reality that my loyalty had been undervalued. Rather than confront my partner immediately, I watched as they weaved a web of deceit to avoid any accountability. This experience served as the impetus for the song’s emotive lyrics, which capture the anguish and turmoil of betrayal with a hopeful clarity.”

With this in mind, it makes it clear on why the song carries such a melancholy message, the lyrics of the song connects from piece to piece

Listen to Caught In A lie below;

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