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Are you looking for some rap songs to listen to? Hold on I’ve got you covered, let me introduce you to Damage Media Group, look this group is specialized in one thing, thus producing Madd rap songs. Damage Media Group puts together a collection of songs and titles it “Come to DMG”.

Jackson Romera Henderson aka Supa Hendo is a rapper, producer, and songwriter from Oneonta, Alabama. He is not only the owner of Romera Records, but he is also the chairman of Damage Media Group.

Ryan Olson, the other artist featured throughout all the tracks in the album, is an audio engineer based out of Memphis, Tennessee. He is the co-owner of “Damage Media Group” and is shaping the local sound of Memphis. Their latest album “Come to DMG” features both of them and more artists.

The 10-track album “Come to DMG” opens with the incredibly melodic “Remedy.” The song begins with what might be a hook! Amazing vocal effects show off the top-notch production value that the beat enhances. The rapper’s shouts of “Remedy” are not muffled by the effects, which do not hinder the voice from oozing with emotion.

Although different rappers are featured on the album, the song flows well from one to the next. Damage Media Group’s “Come to DMG” is a musically varied album that demonstrates the group’s aptitude for flawlessly fusing various genres and styles, permuting the phonic culture. Simply astounding is the poetry of each musician and how they seamlessly integrate their styles.

Come to DMG is an album every lover of rap would definitely fall inlove with.

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