“Like a Feather”: A Soaring Anthem from Sam Stokes

Stepping into Sam Stokes’ “Like a Feather,” – the fourth tune off her long-awaited first album, “Common Ground,” – feels like kicking off your shoes and taking a stroll through a field on a spring afternoon. Stokes mixes the chill vibes of soft rock with that good ol’ homey folk rock, churning out a tune that winds its way into your ears and makes itself at home.

Equipped with an acoustic guitar and Stokes’ unwavering voice, “Like a Feather” really knows how to keep it real. It’s a down-to-earth, tough-as-nails tune creating an atmosphere that feels like a fairy tale from yesteryears. The music, nothing fancy or overdone, manages to set the scene and smack you right in the feels, turning those heartfelt lyrics into pure ear candy.

These lyrics, mind you, aren’t just about a random feather falling from the sky or some gas station hotline bling. Nah. They pull you in deeper and leave you thinking about life’s simple but significant stuff – like why do numbers repeat sometimes, or why does a single feather falling from an empty sky make you feel more human? That’s where Stokes’ words really hit their groove, turning a pretty ordinary track into something that we can all share and relate to.

"Like a Feather": A Soaring Anthem from Sam Stokes
“Like a Feather”: A Soaring Anthem from Sam Stokes

Stokes’ voice is something else entirely. Equal parts sugar and spice, it weaves this warm, golden patchwork of tones full of beautiful flaws, all amplifying the experience. You might pick up some Joni Mitchell vibes from her words, but Stokes’ unique rambles and ramblings spin a tale entirely her own.

Gear-wise, “Like a Feather” doesn’t mess around with a bunch of fancy effects. The minimalist chord work lets the song’s raw edge shine, making every pluck of the strings and every tremble in Stokes’ voice resonate right up to the rafters.

In a nutshell, “Like a Feather” is a chill soft rock anthem that’s got a bit of everything for everyone. It’s a perfect canvas for Stokes to show her knack for framing the complex as casual and letting the humdrum seem downright magical. As we hang in there waiting for “Common Ground” to drop in October 2023, it’s evident Sam Stokes isn’t just making tunes; she’s creating a soundscape, connecting us all with tracks that hit as soft and as soothing as “Like a Feather.”

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