Join Nadine Randle As She Sets Sail Through The ‘Waterfalls’

Nadine Randle is a singer-songwriter who is bent on producing breathtaking songs that crawl up your skin and stay with you for a long while, and with each song she gets closer to her goal. Currently, Nadine is close to her as her latest single which she titles Waterfalls has the power to rub shoulders with the top songs in the pop world.

Waterfalls is a song with relatable lyrics that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, its lyrics are inspiring. The song is about resilience and self-awareness, encouraging us to keep moving forward even when we feel the only way out is to give up.

Her sultry and captivating voice speaks directly to your soul, evoking memories and emotions, her vocal prowess is shamelessly displayed throughout the entire 2 minutes and 41 seconds song.

Nadine was discovered in a Rix FM talent competition where she was a finalist, since then she has worked with some of the great names in the music industry as French Montana, Chris Kläfford, Lauryn Hill, Gyllene Tider among others, and with major producers such as Joy Deb, Palle Hammarlund, Dino Mehdanhozic, Max Martin, Alex Kronlund, Joacim Persson, Niclas Mollinder, Bloodshy & Avant.

Although short-lived the impact Waterfalls leave on you is eternal. Waterfalls is proof of Nadine Randle’s songwriting and singing prowess, she is hardworking and over the years she has had the opportunity to work with Mastercard.

Nadine is an artist to look out for, after listening to Waterfalls, one can tell she has more up her sleeves.

Listen to Waterfalls below


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