Watch Video Of ‘Somewhere In Time’ By Unity

Hailing from Toronto, Unity is a self-produced artist whose musical journey defies the norms of electronic and trip-hop genres. With a voice that’s both emotionally charged and ethereal, she crafts sonic landscapes that transport listeners to otherworldly realms.

Her musical journey begun at an early age and since then Unity has been poised at perfecting her craft to produce breathtaking songs that resonate with her listeners and leave a longlasting effect on them Her musical rebellion started in her teenage years, drawing inspiration from the lush rock of the ’70s, the evocative artistry of FKA Twigs, and the experimental energy of hyper-pop.

Now, Unity returns to mesmerize with her latest sonic creation, “Somewhere in Time,”. This auditory masterpiece challenges the conventions of electronic music, weaving intricate harmonies with her crystalline vocals.

Watch Video Of ‘Somewhere In Time’ By Unity

Unity mixes her singing along with some rap bars elevating the whole listening experience unto another level. “Somewhere in Time” is a cosmic journey into the depths of space, drawing inspiration from the complexities of the human experience.

Although short-lived the effect of “Somewhere in Time” is long lasting, the soothing voice has the power to influence the listeners mood, taking them on a journey that numbs all their feelings through a space in time.

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