A Soulful Reverie: A Review of Mat Hook’s “Runaway Road”

Man, dropping your ears onto Mat Hook’s fresh tune “Runaway Road” is like belly flopping into an emotional whirlpool, all the while being swaddled in this kick-ass I-won’t-back-down vibe. Pulled right outta a messy season of his life, Hook’s come storming back into the pop-rock scene, transforming his rollercoaster ride into crazy honest tunes that hit us in the feels.

“Runaway Road”, it’s this indie-rock anthem that’s got this wicked infectious rhythm that kind of masks the soul-baring story of Hook’s rough times. All penned down in 2021, it’s like Hook’s shouting “I’m back, baby!” after cooling his heels for seven years. You could say those years away gave him a new perspective – not only does he own the stage again, but he spins his life into lyrics that stick and a melody that don’t quit.

Hook ain’t holding back, you know? His job losses, new beginnings, heartbreaks, deaths – it all shines through in the highs and lows of the melody. The chorus packs a punch too – “I can see the past years have hurt, they drank as you thirst, walk down your runaway road of fears.” It’s like a sad battle cry that keeps ringing in your ears, spilling out Hook’s up-yours-world attitude with a mix of words that hit hard and music that ebbs and flows.

A Soulful Reverie: A Review of Mat Hook's "Runaway Road"
A Soulful Reverie: A Review of Mat Hook’s “Runaway Road”

Hook’s got a voice that’s something else – rich and rough around the edges, gets you all warm and fuzzy thinking about good times and leaves you floored with the raw emotion he throws in. It dances over the toe-tapping beats, nailing every note and leaving a sweet afterglow. The edgy rock-pop vibe backing the track channels the free spirit of indie rock, giving a nod to Hook’s way of weaving a story with a melody that sticks.

The guys behind the soundboard on “Runaway Road” did a bang-up job – the fiery chorus, the simmering verses, it all amps up the song’s vibe without stepping on Hook’s kickass vocals and the bare-all storytelling. It’s like life squeezed some great outta Hook’s lemons, showing us the best tunes are born out of rough patches.

All in all, Mat Hook’s “Runaway Road” is a gung-ho rally cry gelling the bruised and never-say-die bits of life. It’s like an indie-rock phoenix shooting up from the ashes, a soulful nod to Hook’s stubborn spirit and the way he pulls at our heartstrings through his songs. If this bad boy is what Hook’s musical comeback’s gonna sound like, well, indie-rock fans are in for one helluva ride.

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