“Light of the Flame”: A Journey Through John Tibbits’ Indie Folk EP

Enter the world of “Light of the Flame,” a stellar five-song EP by indie folk-rocker John Tibbits. Hailing from the humble beginnings of Northfield in South Birmingham, Tibbits’ family of musicians has evidently influenced his songwriting since he began at the tender age of 14. Fast forward through four years amidst the dreariness of a typical white-collar job in London, and the result is an impressive collection of ear-catching tunes. Tibbits, collaborating with his producer Jak, crafted each track with a meticulous flair, daring to experiment with a broad range of melodies that evoke feelings as varied as the subjects they explore.

Deftly penning the lyrics, Tibbits brings to life thoughts on relationships, friendships, and the unassuming drudgery associated with routine office life. Listeners are taken on a musical journey, spanning from the upbeat and lighthearted notes of “Stupid and Dumb,” an ode to the growing pains of youth, to the tender and heartfelt “Find the Key,” evoking romance’s ever-mysterious ways. The title track, “Light of the Flame,” highlights Tibbits’ distaste for political cynicism, seemingly a nod to his experiences as a young creative in a metropolis where opinions are plentiful, and apathy is prevalent.

The EP artistically pays homage to the indie folk and folk-rock genres with a blend of acoustic and electric instruments supporting Tibbits’ powerful male vocals. His passion for music shines through in “Our Moment,” a reflection on the importance of connecting with one’s calling. And finally, offering listeners a life-affirming manifesto, “Make What You Will” promotes living life to the fullest – an apropos conclusion to this diverse yet cohesive record.

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Throughout the EP, it becomes apparent that the producer-artist collaboration was one built on trust and mutual enjoyment. This refreshing work of art not only highlights John Tibbits’ lyrical prowess and mastery of various sounds but also showcases Jak’s skill in bringing those complex emotions and compositions to life. It places listeners at ease, akin to losing oneself within the pages of a gripping novel.

Between Tibbits’ picturesque lyrics and Jak’s production mastery, “Light of the Flame” becomes a must-listen for fans of indie folk and folk-rock. This EP is more than a collection of songs; it’s a guidebook to life’s nuances, leading listeners to contemplate the layers hidden within their own experiences. John Tibbits, while rooted in tradition, has painted a bold portrait of musical authenticity, marking his name as one to watch in the coming years.

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