Kingdom Calm Out With “In My Mind”

Kingdom Calm’s recent single “In My Mind” is an indie rock gem that showcases the trio’s diverse range of musical influences. The trio of Matt Power on guitar and lead vocals, Sinclair Alexander on bass and vocals, and Andy Smith on drums produce music that draws inspiration from a variety of musical styles, including British ska, pop-punk, soul, and many more.

With its super catchy melodies and catchy chorus, “In My Mind” feels like a winning pop-punk anthem that’s perfect for singing along. The male vocals are expressive and emotive, conveying the song’s poignant themes of feeling trapped in negative thoughts and regretting past decisions.

The guitar riffs in this track give it a unique character and energy that really stand out. Their cleverly arranged hooks and melodies make them instantly memorable and drive the song forward. With intricate lead lines, driving rhythms, and creative chord progressions, they add a strong sense of tension and excitement. What’s more, they perfectly complement the rest of the instrumentation, creating a soundscape that’s immersive and engaging.

Even though the lyrics may discuss themes of regret and failed expectations, the song’s cheery nature makes it easy to relate to. Kingdom Calm’s ability to write songs that are both thoughtful and undeniably catchy is evidence of their skill as songwriters.

“In My Head” is a great addition to Kingdom Calm’s history and, because to its contagious energy and dynamic musicianship, is likely to appeal to indie rock enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for music to listen on a road trip or to lift your spirits after a trying day, this music will have you humming its melodies long after it has stopped.

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