Kenny Sharp “Grown Folks Love”: Retro Pop Soul Charms the Heart

Kenny Sharp’s latest single “Grown Folks Love” is a nostalgic and enchanting journey into the realm of pop soul, effortlessly blending in elements of retro soul to create a sound that is both fresh and reminiscent of bygone eras in the music world. The result is an easy listening experience that seduces your senses and leaves you humming along to its super-catchy tune long after the song has ended.

The feeling evoked by “Grown Folks Love” is one of warmth and genuine emotion, thanks in no small part to Sharp’s velvety male vocals which weave so seamlessly throughout the track. Complementing his polished voice is the rich strumming of a guitar, which adds depth and authenticity to the overall sound.

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The song tells the tale of Sharp’s personal story of dating an older woman, and in his capable musical hands, it becomes something truly memorable and endearing. This is the kind of love song that offers a rare glimpse into an artist’s heart and soul, drawing the listener in with its gentle ebb and irresistible charm.

The accompanying music video for “Grown Folks Love” is equally whimsical and delightful, casting against type by featuring the 90-year-old father of Sharp’s manager as the leading man. Offbeat and captivating, the visuals cleverly echo the feelings and themes embodied within the song itself, creating a holistic sensory experience for the audience.

In terms of mood, “Grown Folks Love” is mellow and groovy in equal measures, effortlessly toeing the line between laidback and spirited. This heartfelt love anthem is as much a testament to Sharp’s talent as it is a sweet serenade to the subtleties of grown-up love. Soft and soothing, the single transports you to a sentimental world where love reigns supreme.

As a whole, “Grown Folks Love” is a shining example of what modern pop soul has the potential to be. Kenny Sharp has adeptly tapped into what makes this genre tick, paying homage to the past while daringly pushing the envelope by infusing his own distinctive flair. Enthralling and memorable, the single is a testament to Sharp’s undeniable prowess as a musician and storyteller. So, dim the lights, kick back, and let the enchanting soundscapes of “Grown Folks Love” carry you away.

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