Emotional Release “Tell Me (When You’re Gone)” By Hiroki

Hiroki is an impressive duo from Portland consisting of Salvatore Manalo and Matt Brewster. As their main focus, they strive to create groovy and uplifting music, always aiming for the highest level of quality. Their unison approach to writing, recording and producing makes it possible for them to blend their individual styles and create a unique blend of soul. Manalo and Brewster have collaborated on some of the most impressive beats in their field and will continue to impress audiences with their music.

Hiroki is back with a powerful and touching love song, “Tell Me (When You’re Gone)”. This track is a perfect ode to anyone who has ever experienced the classic “one that got away” feeling. Tugging on a blend of R&B and soul, “Tell Me (When You’re Gone)” is written upon the personal experience of Hiroshi, giving the song a deeply rooted and intrinsic meaning. For anyone based in the United States or elsewhere, the emotion is sure to hit home, straight from the heart. Hiroki creates a sound that is both recognizable and original.

“Tell Me (When You’re Gone)” showcases smooth, soulful vocals and relaxed production. The combination of the catchy, bouncy melody and carefully crafted production makes it an infectious piece of modern R&B.

Hiroki’s vocals combine a soulful delivery with a robust strength, instantly appealing to the listener. Every phrase he sings is filled with longing and inspired by his innermost emotions, creating an intense and intimate listening experience. His raw lyrical emotion radiates through the track as he wonders how he is going to manage his feelings when his love leaves him forever. The production is just as captivating, with gentle beats, modern synthesizers and a subdue base melody layered to perfection.

Overall, “Tell Me (When You’re Gone)” is an excellent example of modern R&B and pop, combining strong male vocals with a beautiful production. It’s the perfect backdrop to any romantic moment, and an infectious track that you can’t help but keep singing.

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