Move Your Body To “Bad Bitch” By Dopia

Dopia is a rising star in the House and Tech House music space and has been making waves in the industry for quite some time now. She recently participated in the celebrations of FIFA World Cup Qatar and was promoted by Mixmag Mena on their official website and social media. Dopia has played in the same line up with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Nick Curly, Wally Lopez and Kurd Maverick. Her latest single “Bad Bitch” is a testament to her talent and is sure to take the dance music scene by storm. Let’s explore this new track and find out what makes it so special.

Dopia’s “Bad Bitch” instrumental music breaks the traditional electronic music scene with its anthemic beat. The Doha-based artist has teamed up with Istanbul artist RAVANO for her first official release back in 2022 and its truely something special. With its dynamic and powerful beats, the track demands attention from music fans and attracts them in with its unique electronic sounds.

At first listen, it is clear that the track does not sound like a everyday tech house. Every break is filled with an unexpected and unique tune, making sure the listeners retain their interest as the track goes on. The combination of intricate structures, mesmerizing grooves, and dream-like melodies all work together to form an atmosphere that is enthralling and exhilarating.

It’s an upbeat and energetic tech house track that can instantly get you into the mood for a night out of dancing. The pulsing bassline and driving drums give the track an infectious groove, while the synths fill it out with a funk-filled, energetic atmosphere. The mid-tempo grooves make it an ideal track for DJs to mix with other tracks or for a big club experience.

The track has a great mix of elements including percussive elements and chopped vocal samples to add even more energy to the track. The synths are catchy and they are complimented with the rhythmic drums give it a powerful and strong edge. The overall sound of the track is quite unique and original with its use of samples, synth lines and plenty of impactful bass. There are plenty of interesting moments in the track that will keep listeners engaged throughout the track.

These moments interweave lending a shift in the pace of the track and making it truly unique.

Tech house music fans are sure to appreciate the energy and dynamism of Dopia’s “Bad Bitch”. With its euphoric sound and captivating energy, it is sure to keep the crowd dancing.

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