Embracing the Dystopian: A Review of Arliston’s ‘451

Arliston, the South London indie pop duo, has once again captivated their fans with their latest single, “451.” Building on the success of their previous releases, “Pisco Sours” and “How In Heaven,” this new track serves as the third installment from their forthcoming EP, set for release in July 2023. With its smooth instrumentation and dreamy lyrics, “451” takes listeners on a psychedelic and nostalgic journey.

The song unfolds with a chilling cinematic atmosphere, immersing the listener in a world of foreboding soundscapes and surreal interludes. Through this sonic landscape, Arliston explores the struggles we face in finding our place in a twisted and ominous reality. Vocalist Jack Ratcliffe’s mesmerizing vocals, complemented by George Hasbury’s masterful production, create a mesmerizing blend of spacey elements and rich harmonies.

Drawing inspiration from Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451,” Jack explains that the song captures the essence of a dystopian future where everything is slightly off-kilter. The video accompanying the track serves as a love letter to the book, evoking a sense of ambiguous nostalgia through its use of 1940s TV aesthetics and VHS filming.

Arliston Takes Music To Another Level With ‘How In Heaven’

Arliston, consisting of Jack Ratcliffe and George Hasbury, has evolved from a studio-only project into a fully-fledged band, enlisting the talents of drummers Sylvan Strauss and Sam Catchpole, as well as horn players Sam Scott and Dan Berry for their fourth EP. Their unique blend of mesmerizing production and ethereal harmonies gained them a devoted fan base following the release of their critically acclaimed EP, “Hawser,” in 2018.

With each thread of the swirling soundscape expertly balanced, the EP has been mixed and co-produced by Brett Shaw, known for his work with The Foals and Florence and the Machine. Arliston’s music has garnered over 2.2 million streams on Spotify alone and received support from BBC Radio One and Amazing Radio. Their distinctive sound has also landed them on prominent playlists such as ‘Most Beautiful Songs in the World’ and ‘New in Alternative’ on Apple Music.

As Arliston prepares to release their fourth EP, their music continues to mature, showcasing their expansive and distinct sound. With their collective of like-minded musicians, they have transformed modest ideas into a three-dimensional sonic world. The band’s widespread editorial support, including praise from Clash, Wonderland, Earmilk, and Notion, solidifies their presence on the British indie music scene.

In conclusion, “451” by Arliston is a mesmerizing and thought-provoking indie pop gem. With its haunting atmosphere, introspective lyrics, and skillful production, the song transports listeners to a dystopian realm where emotions and uncertainties collide. As the band prepares to unveil their fourth EP, Arliston’s evolution as artists is evident, cementing their position as an exciting force in the British music scene.

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