Cosmic Carousel: kidd noir’s “Mr. Who Knows (Messiah)”

In a kaleidoscope of sound, Kidd Noir delves into the labyrinthine psyche with “Mr. Who Knows (Messiah)” – an opus that spins you into the cosmos on a shoegaze carousel laced with indie pop cotton candy and psychedelic rock licorice. This emerging enchanter of auditory experience pitches her tent in the indie/alternative campsite but camps under a sky bursting with stars from distant musical galaxies.

As percussive Latin grooves shake hands with narcotic vocal harmonies, it feels like Santana took a detour through My Bloody Valentine’s dreamscape on their way to The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper rehearsals. Inside this track lies not just music, but also theatre: the story veers dramatically between light and shadow as we hear duel guitars echo each other in camaraderie before darting away on divergent quests, one for melody, one for dissonance—much like our own internal battles.

Cosmic Carousel: kidd noir's Mr. Who Knows (Messiah)
Cosmic Carousel: kidd noir’s Mr. Who Knows (Messiah)

The journey through “Mr. Who Knows (Messiah)” is less about finding answers and more about appreciating questions; after all, who needs certainty when you’ve got entrancing rhythms guiding your tapping feet? Imagine attending choir practice inside Salvador Dali’s mind while he paints hypnotic swirls around you – that’s Kidd Noir singing symphonies alongside voices that compel even shadows to hum along.

In summing up this cryptically brief encounter with genius: It’s part confession booth wailing against humanity’s own reflections−a chorus omnipotent yet intimate whispers directly upgraded from her soul-stirring “LNBR.” Whether monks chanting ancient verse or neon-clad hipsters nodding to beat poets’ rhythm––all ears will perk at something eerily familiar within this new proclamation by Kidd Noir—an anthem for every Mr., Ms., or mystical being who knows too much or too little…but never enough.

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