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My People, have ever heard Jordan Kinsey’s cover of “Together Alone” by Melanie Safka? My goodness, it gets down to the nitty-gritty. The moment those sensitive piano keys and doleful violin scratches hit you, you are nowhere else other than this strange communion with humans.

The title “Together Alone” itself just shows that the song tackles the paradoxical feeling of being intimately close yet cast-iron alone that is the hallmark of relationships. However, Kinsey raises the bar in terms of her whiskey-smooth, soulful singing. When she gently whispers “I’ll be your sister, your mother, your lover”, we see the full multiple-faceted complexity of the human connection.

To conclude, we should recognize that for Kinsey this is not just another cover. It’s sad she sees that music can be a unifying factor which creates a bond between people and also give peace of heart.

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To conclude, we should recognize that for Kinsey this is not just another cover

Nevertheless, her vocals are the one stealing all the show. Kinsey’s voice has this effect on you where she absolutely steals the show with these incredible, yet genuine pipes comparable only to that of a few She doesn’t sham the shirk – these feelings are really genuine. The voice reminds you in moments of turmoil for it also helps you find the pathway to healing.

Cinematography is just as beautiful in the music video with the slow motions of Kinsey being captured dreamily. I would add that the visuals add that more powerful hit to the emotions evoked by the music.

Although “Together Alone” by Kinsey somewhat diverges from the original, it at the same time pays due respect to Melanie Safka’s version and leaves her own personal touch in it. Composed with words that’ll make you doubt everything, sang in a manner that’ll stop you on your tracks, and played with such passion as the tune stays in your ear for ages, the tune is a true work of art. The sky is the limit for Kinsey’s popularity now. It’s about to go up and up.

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