Chantal Jüppner Emphasizes on ‘Don’t Quite Belong’

Chantal Jüppner never seems closed-minded, which is also apparent in her music, despite having moved to Berlin and growing up surrounded by the influences of rock, pop, and orchestral music.

Don’t Quite Belong’ brings out a high sense of intimacy, whilst creating a safe space for everyone who has experienced a form of social anxiety before. Berlin-based, independent artist Chantal Jüppner describes the dilemma, to lack a sense of belonging.

People are made to consider feelings that they typically have forgotten about because of her gritty vocals, melancholic lyrics, and frequently undemanding message. ‘Don’t Quite Belong’ describes the feeling, to lack a sense of belonging.

“Don’t Quite Belong is a mirror showing myself at a time, where I was stuck in my own alienation. I isolated myself, due to overthinking and social anxiety. Knowing that many other people might see their selves in the reflection of Don’t Quite Belong was reason enough for me to write it.”

– Says Chantal Jüppner

In 2022 Chantal started studying Songwriting at BIMM University, through which she finally found her style and since she hasn’t looked back, she keeps striving to be the greatest.

Listen Don’t Quite Belong below

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