“Broke” by Steve Sperry ft. Abstraktius Artimus Is A Psychedelic Dance Anthem

Steve Sperry’s latest single “Broke,” featuring Abstraktius Artimus, is a mesmerizing dance track that is sure to captivate music lovers. The remix offers a multi-dimensional experience, making it suitable for various occasions.

With its infectious and easy-to-grasp lyrics, “Broke” quickly becomes a sing-along favorite. The distorted vocals add a psychedelic touch to the song, elevating the overall listening experience and setting it apart from typical dance anthems.

The recurring line, “Imma need some dough,” emphasizes the protagonist’s desperate need for cash due to their financial struggles. This relatable theme adds depth to the otherwise upbeat track, connecting with listeners on a personal level.

“Broke” is more than just a dance song; it’s a mood booster and a therapeutic escape for those going through financial challenges. The song’s infectious energy and immersive vibe make it equally suited for dance floors, road trips, or simply brightening up a gloomy day.

Steve Sperry’s collaboration with Abstraktius Artimus has resulted in a unique and memorable creation that is sure to find its way into playlists and hearts alike. “Broke” is a must-listen for anyone seeking an exhilarating and surreal musical journey.

Listen to Broke below

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