Bonze Paves Way For His Groundbreaking Release – Out Of My Hands

Born Jack Reardon is a musician with extraordinarily deep musical roots who has held positions as an A&R, a guest songwriter, and a top-line performer in the past. To date, Bonzes Singles have been featured in a short film by the automobile manufacturer “Porsche,” on the runway at London Fashion Week, on BBC Introducing London/South-West, and online by publications like Clash, Wonderland, CLOUT, and Rolling Stone (India).

Out Of My Hands’ has been featured on BBC Introducing London whilst Porsche commissioned him to feature his 2020 Single ‘Higher’ during the credits of their Short film about a world-renowned rally in Kenya. ‘(Mercedes)’, his last Single intertwined dance-music with song-writing and is approaching 70k streams on Spotify alone within 2 months of release. His 2020 release ‘Heroin(e)’ was also remixed by dance royalty Draper and has reached over one-hundred-thousand plays on SoundCloud and counting.

Bonze admitted to the fact “Out Of My Hands” is less electronically-led compared to his previous releases, but the inspiration behind the song is one he takes to heart. He stated:

‘Out Of My Hands’ is about how sometimes, no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do; some things just aren’t within your control and you have to let the powers that be decide for you.

He continued to say:

Whether that’s on a more micro/personal scale; of how a break-up turns out or on a macro/bigger scale, like climate change. You can only do so much with the responsibility you have.`’

The song “Out Of My Hands” is a melancholy ballad as the guitar plays gently, Bonze made this conscious effort in other to bring out the key elements in the song.

At first listen, the guitars pierce into you followed by a slightly distorted voice that gently sends signals to your heart and readies it for the message incoming.

Out Of My Hands is expected to be released on the 10th of January 2023, but while you wait check out his catalogue.

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