Actrese Expresses Herself In Latest Single – Mind Your Love

The London based newcomer is ready to take on the world with an intimate and affectionate tune accompanied by her comforting and sultry voice.

ACTRESE is an up-and-coming indie pop artist who is quickly making a name for herself with her unique sound and innovative approach to music. Her previous single was featured on a variety of Spotify-curated playlists.

She has drawn influence from artists such as Lana Del Rey, The xx, and Ben Howard. With her atmospheric and daydreamy melodies, ACTRESE creates a sound that is both sultry and captivating.

The new indie–pop track features grandiose synths that are grounded by bass and zesty guitar. This allows ACTRESE’s soft yet disturbed voice to take flight.

The song takes on a ‘less is more’ approach, heartwarmingly transcending the listener’s comfort zone. ‘Mind Your Love’ was written by ACTRESE whilst produced by William Baxter at Ten87 Studios.

The song’s lyrics express a deep sense of love and loss, with the singer warning her lover that time is running out for them to be together – (Too late, You know there was the right time) While the lyrics are sad, they are also hopeful, as the singer expresses a desire to walk on “wafer-thin ice” in order to stay together.

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