Adesoga Returns With A New Hit Song With Love ‘Flashes’

Odunbamku Adesoga Somorin, the Nigerian-Trinidadian musician whose spiritually-based music promotes black awareness and social justice, is creating waves in the music business.

Adesoga, who goes by the pseudonym “Adesoga,” is a guardian of traditions and rituals from the past, and his music is intended to help people dance, feel the positive energy, and ponder life’s most essential matters.

As an indication of his background and ancestry, the prefix “Ade” in Adesoga’s name is historically utilized to identify and produce children who would go on to become kings or accomplish greatness.

Adesoga, influenced by the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti, is a fervent advocate for black consciousness and social justice who uses his music to promote awareness and make a difference.

Adesoga graduated as class valedictorian in Trinidad despite not knowing English as his first language.

Adesoga Returns With A New Hit Song With Love 'Flashes'
Adesoga Returns With A New Hit Song With Love ‘Flashes’

His most recent track, “Flashes,” was published on Valentine’s Day, and although it may seem to be about love, Adesoga mixes it with his signature spiritually-based message, inviting listeners to ponder significant topics while enjoying the pleasant vibrations.

Adesoga’s music is a blend of traditional African sounds with contemporary rhythms, resulting in a style that distinguishes him from other performers in the business.

His previously released song “Vibrate” will be featured on his forthcoming EP, which promises to be a display of his unquestionable ability and originality.

Adesoga views music as a vehicle for social change, and he is committed to utilising his platform to promote awareness and motivate others to take action.

He thinks that music has the ability to unite people and bring an about good change in the world, and he is determined to use his music to make a difference.

Adesoga is an artist to keep an eye on if you’re seeking someone who is unafraid to tackle serious subjects and push musical limits. We can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us next; his distinctive sound, potent message, and indisputable skill make him a formidable force in the music business.

I want to express the disappointments of life and relationships, as well as the flashbacks they bring. Ultimately, I aim to help bridge the gap, being a well-rooted African man and Caribbean baby

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