Acclaimed Singer Pri Abrol Releases New Song – Cereal

Pri Abrol is a promising singer and great songwriter who is sturdily rising above the ranks, making songs that surpasses her previous record. Although she started making music professionally in 2022, the hunger for making music has always been with her.

With a solo album a couple of singles, Pri Abrol has set off on a journey, a journey where she makes her listeners a part of the song, making them be part of the music with clear vocals which leaves you feeling nostalgic.

Just as expected pri always lives up to her expectations, always making music with great lyricism and storytelling. Cereal is a heartbroken song with lots of swirling emotions around the holidays.

Cereal is about winter. It tells a story of realization, regret, confusion, anger, and so many other layers to capture how complicated life can feel sometimes. But, at the end of the song, it becomes very simple and honest. My friends tell me that it’s like a journey and I love that. I hope you do too! – Pri Abrol


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