“Quiet City” by Stoop Pigeon: A Journey of Sadness and Regret

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of melancholy and reflection with Stoop Pigeon’s EP, “Quiet City.” This captivating collection exudes both sadness and regret, taking listeners on a magnificent journey of introspection.

The EP opens with the captivating track “300 Miles (Forgiveness),” an eight-minute and three-second masterpiece that sets the perfect tone for the emotional voyage that lies ahead. With its melancholic vibe, the song draws listeners in, allowing them ample time to delve into its depths. Written during a brief breakup with the same person when he was just 18, this track carries a profound personal touch.

Contrasting the somber opening, “Bronx River Sunlight” and “When We Last Spoke” bring a lively energy to the EP. These songs shine a light and offer a refreshing change of pace, providing a balance to the emotional journey unfolding throughout the collection.

Stoop Pigeon comprises talented musicians who bring their unique contributions to the band’s sound. Dan Saulpaugh on guitar, Alejandro Luna on drums, and Jonathan Toscano on bass form the core of the group. They met while studying jazz together at the City College of New York, and their shared influences include notable names like Bill Frisell, Julian Lage, Amahd Jamal, and Bob Dylan.

The recording of “Quiet City” took place in drummer Alejandro Luna’s apartment. Dan Saulpaugh handled the production and mastering, while Alejandro Luna engineered and mixed the EP. The album art was created by Dan Saulpaugh, with cover design by Ali Aslam.

In terms of inspiration, Stoop Pigeon merges contemporary post-bop with American folk music, creating a unique and deeply conversational sound. The EP showcases three original tracks by guitarist Dan Saulpaugh, two of which were written during the height of the pandemic. These pieces were composed while Saulpaugh was going through the ending of a relationship, finding solace and inspiration during walks in Bronx Park. The third track, “300 Miles,” holds personal significance, as it was written during a previous breakup with the same person.

Throughout the recording and production process, the band shared notable moments. One amusing anecdote involved Jon, the bassist, exhaling vape smoke into his glass of water, playfully pretending to be a fire-breathing wizard.

As Dan Saulpaugh aptly describes, “Quiet City” is a celebration of friendship amidst life’s relentlessly weird twists and turns. This EP invites listeners to join Stoop Pigeon on a musical exploration of emotions, forging a profound connection between the band and their audience.

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