Wordplaii Serves You With A Brand New One Titled ‘Distractions’

“Distractions” by Wordplaii is like a deep dive into today’s world of constant social media and digital overload. It’s a song that speaks to how we let all these things mess with our heads, making us feel like we’re never good enough, always comparing ourselves to others, and chasing stuff we don’t even need. But hey, it’s also a song of hope, a reminder that life’s too short to be stuck in that negative loop.

Wordplaii, coming from Roswell, NM, but now cooking up tunes in Tampa, FL, is all about keeping it real. He’s not just rapping or singing; he’s putting his heart and soul into every beat. “Distractions” is like a mirror reflecting our struggles with self-doubt and the pressure to measure up in a world where everyone’s putting their best foot forward on social media.

The song’s got this cool mix of hip-hop vibes and soulful melodies that make you nod your head and think at the same time. It’s like Wordplaii is saying, “Hey, let’s break free from all this comparison nonsense and live our lives authentically.” And you know what? That message hits home for a lot of us.

So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the distractions, throw on Wordplaii’s track, vibe to the beat, and remember to keep it real. That’s what it’s all about.

Listen to Distractions below

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