Kamakshi Khanna: Getting Real with “Love Is Not A F*cking Game”

I would start talking about Kamakshi Khanna, a singer/songwriter based in Mumbai who is making waves in India’s indie music scene. When it comes to her music, she really likes to combine pop, r&b, and folk genres with her powerful voice and deep lyrics. Her new music, “Love Is Not A Fucking Game,” centers around the divorce between modern romance and reality.

The song starts with the chill vibe of a guitar tone and then Kamakshi’s soothing vocals follow. It’s got a mellow rhythm that just makes you want to join in.And the lyrics? They are direct and thereby tackle real life relationships with the truth and force.

The production is point as well in which the artist’s voice mixed with the beat just sound fine to my ears. It’s the kind of cozy, comforting sound you can’t get enough of.

“Love is Not a Fucking Game” is the first single of Kamakshi’s EP and it will definitely leave the right impression of the entire record. She gives it all, making us go unfiltered and real about love and its complexities.

Hence, if you’re into songs with a soulful touch infused with a little bit of edge, give a shot to Kamakshi Khanna. “Love Is Not A Fucking Game” is an awesome heartbreaker but at the end of the day, you’ll definitely be craving for more!

Listen to Love Is Not A Fucking Game below


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