Allie Jean’s ‘Pretty on the Outside’: A Soulful Journey Through Indie Country

Just like you would when you open a window to the fresh air, Allie Jean’s brand new indie country song, “Pretty on the Outside,”is a perfect escape from the trend on the charts. In a world with so many people striving to be unique, her music provides an exceptional opportunity to radiate better feelings and relay sane messages.

It is evidently that through “Pretty on the Outside,” Allie use of the retro touch to make sure her temporary also has a cool, vintage feel. She is doing it like she was taking us back to the glorious olden days of country music but with a modern twist that keeps things so interesting.

To paint the picture, let me just say the song itself is already a smooth ride, Allie is just running the whole thing with the lead vocals over gentle guitars and moving drums. The ambiance of the song just makes you want to ease into it and let it melt your mind into a laid-back state.

What makes Allie’s music so amazing is that it’s not just a group of hooks, but also, each lyrics has deep meaning. “Pretty on the Outside” describes the aftermath of the making of a kind of choices that look so right in the eye but at the stop turn out to be not such a great accomplishment. It’s an experience which we all have shared before, so the song is that much more in touch.

Allie’s coming album, “This Drink is For the Hard Times,” is promising to be totally unique, and no one is going to be disappointed by listening to it. Offering an interesting fusion of country, pop, and rock genres, she isn’t just another piece of a big musical pie. She is creating her own path and I can’t wait to see where this journey leads her next.

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