Whiskey Haze: Silversel’s Anthem for the Broken and Brave

Let me introduce to you an upcoming hottest single called “Whiskey Haze” performed by the great American rock band Silversel. Form Statesboro Georgia this band embodies a sense of Alternative /metal and hard rock as their songs are filled with distorted sounds of guitar riffs that scream to be heard.

Featuring Wally Silver’s gritty and passionate voice, Ricky Saldano’s thunderous drums, Justin Myers and Daniel Durden’s high-energy guitars, Stephen Saxon’s hardcore bass, and Mikey Burress’s burning rhythm guitar, Silversel performs with both aggression and style. The song starts with quite a punchy first verse and a driving rhythm in the verses that can take you to the whiskey haze as the title suggests.

The lyrics effectively portray the concept of fighting with the internal monsters and the process of searching for the way through the inner storm. Phrases such as “Swallowing the sun in a whiskey haze” stick in the mind long after the song is over, distilling the human struggle when confronting the darkness within. But according to the band, from a lyrical perspective, the song is more about the journey of the process of healing and rebuilding which is a long and tiring process.

The quality of the production is superb, something that one would expect for a band of Silversel’s calibre; this production has been worked on by Shane Baldwin – the engineer. It sounds like every instrument is distinct and equal, which makes it sound like a chaotic and liberating kind of music. The song can be best explained with its cover art done artistically depicting a lonely road at dusk against the Misty mountains.

“Whiskey Haze” is a great comeback for Silversel who already has three successful albums and who was nominated for a Grammy for their song “Heard It All Before. ” The album proves that this band can really provide people with meaningful songs which are very emotional. With “Whiskey Haze” as preparation for their fourth studio album to drop in the near future, all signs are pointing to a bright future for Silversel. If you have a chance, go and see them live: Their recent tour with FRACTURED shows that there is no comparison between a live concert and studio tracks.

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