New Jersey’s Finest: The Local 12 Shines on ‘Abandon’

You know how it is with debut albums – there’s just this buzz of excitement around them. And when it’s an alt-rock album, that anticipation kicks into overdrive. That’s exactly the vibe with “Abandon” by these guys called The Local 12 from New Jersey. From the minute it kicks off, this record just plunges you straight into their unique, multi-layered rock sound.

“Abandon” just nails that alt-rock essence while still feeling fresh and distinctive. It opens up with “Wave At The Window” which sets this really upbeat, melodic tone with the lyrics telling a little story. But then the smooth piano solo and electrifying guitar riff come in and add all these cool layers. Hooks you in right away.

The next track “Godforsaken” shows off how seamlessly these guys can blend genres. The lyrics are very cinematic and the music has the bar just completely vibing between jazz, film score vibes, and trippy sound design. The vocals are on point and the sound production is top-notch.

Through the whole album, The Local 12 keeps their sound super diverse. Tracks like “King of Small Time” bring in this funky groove while “Hitchhiker’s Guide” takes you into this mellow, psych-rock space that’s giving major ’70s prog-rock nostalgia. Every song brings something a little different to the table so you stay engaged and surprised.

They give off this nostalgic feeling that’ll remind you of iconic bands like Blur, Nirvana, and Steely Dan. But they’re distinctly their own vibe too which is what makes their potential so exciting.

As the album keeps going, they don’t let up on impressing you with how versatile they are. The closing track “Stranded” starts as this poignant ballad but then evolves into this massive, uplifting anthem pulling together piano, guitar, strings – all while the lyrics hit you right in the feels.

One thing that really struck me about this album is how cohesive the theme of abandonment ties everything together. Whether it’s a relationship ending, feeling isolated, or a personal transformation – The Local 12 explores all these different shades of that experience. Adds so much extra depth and resonance.

The Local 12 is Dave Iannucci, Dan Ream, Pat Ream, and Eric Bailey – they formed in 2018 but you can hear their tight chemistry and passion for music all over “Abandon”. The rich arrangements and emotive vocal delivery show how dedicated they are to their craft.

Long story short, The Local 12’s debut “Abandon” is an outstanding alt-rock album that showcases their eclectic style and serious musical talent. With its contrasting haunting melodies and driving rock anthems plus the thoughtful lyrics, it’s a must-listen for any rock fan. They set that bar high with “Abandon” which just makes me psyched to hear what they’ll do next.

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