‘Cast Out to Sea’ Chapel of Roses Returns with an Eloquent EP

LA’s Chapel of Roses veterans are back with their new record, Cast Out to Sea, which successfully encompasses the theme of perseverance and the unstoppable flow of time in the genre of hypnotic rock with punk vegan and sincere lyrics. This EP as well is a noteworthy comeback for the band that is based in Nashville and has been inactive for four decades.

The first song on the list is the title one ‘Cast Out to Sea’ which begins with an entrancing harmony that is characterized by high, reverberating finger plucks which establish an environment of a very captivating trance. The band is completed by the lead vocals of Chris E. Kelley, which also contributes to the band’s overall eerie feeling of being lost at sea.

His attitude looks mysterious and worried at the same time, the feeling which is expressed by the existential motifs of the song. The chorus is especially powerful here, with Kelley singing ‘Cast out to sea’ in an enigmatic fashion, ending in a powerful high-pitched scream. The bridge is done with a stronger voice, barely audible, then the song regains the intensity it had from earlier.

In addition to the other versions, “Cast Out to Sea – Further” is another version of the track with nearly one and a half minutes longer duration. A twisted, foggy tune plays the background as it builds up to a hypnotizing instrumental battle backed by recurrent tapping.

The drums rise gradually throughout the course of the song and their groovy pattern provides the feeling of liberation and drive.

Fans of Chapel of Roses will be delighted to know that they are back in action again coming with Cast Out to Sea, a banger. The EP is a very artistic representation of the human beings and their lives and their struggles and the strength they possess to endure the hardship they go through in life.

Through raw and reflective lyrics delivered by Kelley’s soulful voice and supported by the melodies of Jim T. Graham’s lap steel guitar, listeners are encouraged to get on board and inspired for self-reflection and desire.

Finally, Chapel of Roses has delivered an album that struck a chord with their audience and effectively captures their artistic journey as well as music’s ability to change lives. It is more than a successful return to the stage; it’s the introduction to a promising period in the future of the band’s work. We can only wait with bated breath on what Chapel of Roses will drop out next as they return with a huge welcome.

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