“We Call It Junk” is a Bold and Brash Declaration of Musical Independence

“Junk” is a three-piece band from Long Island, New York, who have been making waves in the music scene with their unique blend of genres. Their latest single, “We Call It Junk,” is a bold and brash declaration of their musical independence.

The song starts off with a funky bassline that quickly gives way to a driving beat. The saxophone comes in with a wailing solo that is both melodic and aggressive. The vocals are raw and passionate, and the lyrics are a call to arms for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

The song is a celebration of creativity and individuality. It’s a reminder that there are no rules when it comes to making music, and that the best art is often born out of experimentation. “We Call It Junk” is a challenge to the status quo, and it’s a reminder that music is meant to be enjoyed, not categorized.

The song has been met with mixed reviews. Some critics have praised the band’s originality, while others have dismissed them as a gimmick. However, the band is undeterred. They know that their music is not for everyone, but they are confident that there is an audience out there who will appreciate their unique sound.

“We Call It Junk” is a statement of intent from a band who are not afraid to be themselves. It’s a song that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t fit in. It’s a song about freedom of expression, and it’s a song about the power of music to change the world.

I highly recommend checking out “We Call It Junk” if you’re looking for a unique and refreshing take on music.

Listen to We Call It Junk below

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