Walking Through Walls – “I Was Thinking Of Ways To Tell You”

In the competitive indie pop scene today, standing out can be a challenge. But Chelmsford-based two-piece known as Walking Through Walls have found a way to intrigue listeners with their latest single, “I Was Thinking Of Ways To Tell You.” Comprising Louis O’Brien (vocals) and Cameron Thomas (instrumentals), both aged 20, the duo have aspirations of sounding bigger than bands with more members than them – and with this SAX-heavy single, they certainly have a fighting chance.

Effortlessly blending an infectious 80’s vibe with contemporary indie pop, “I Was Thinking Of Ways To Tell You” has a certain charm that immediately grabs one’s attention. It conjures up images of late-night drives along moonlit streets, neon lights reflecting on the asphalt, and the feeling of carefree youth in the midst of an ever-changing world. On first listen, the track is undeniably catchy; it won’t take long for listeners to be unconsciously tapping their foot or nodding their head.

One aspect of Walking Through Walls’ sound that stands out is O’Brien’s male vocals. His voice flows with ease and a sense of genuine emotion, making it the perfect complement to the retro-inspired instrumentation. Thomas’ talent and keen ear for creating lush soundscapes shine through, as the track experiments with structure, melody, and a playful narrative.

In the song, the saxophone dominates, reminiscent of 80’s pop, adding nostalgia to the vibe. Its prominent presence brings a unique flair that not only captures the listener’s ears but also transports them back in time. What makes this song even more remarkable is its ability to remain easy listening while maintaining its intricate and captivating composition.

Walking Through Walls has a knack for pushing boundaries, and “I Was Thinking Of Ways To Tell You” is no exception. This single will undoubtedly attract attention from fans of indie pop, as well as those who yearn for the days of the 80’s. Interestingly, the duo’s age and affinity for blending modern trends with vintage elements create a beautiful paradox.

In summary, “I Was Thinking Of Ways To Tell You” is a shining example of the talent possessed by Walking Through Walls. Their unapologetic embrace of their influences and innovative approach to songwriting makes for an infectious and memorable listening experience. Listen for this duo – they’re quickly making their mark on the indie pop scene.

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