‘Wait For The Sun’ Is An Inspirational Single By Pretty

For Torin Craig, the lead vocals for Pretty, Wait For The Sun is not just a literal saying but a gateway to escape all the depression, and despair, that most people have to battle with on a daily basis.

This is how he said it

“It was winter during a lockdown, and I was living in a pretty bleak apartment, quite literally waiting for the sun to come back in the spring. The song is about yearning for the end of depression and despair, and trying to hold the memories of better feelings to remind yourself that no matter how bad something is, it will end, or at least change.”

Wait For The Sun is an inspirational song a blend of garage punk with retro guitar riffs, the raw and hazzy vocals on the song gives the tune a different feel, emphasizing the lyrics of the song.

The band is constantly expanding their wings and breaking into new barriers, the previous year saw the hard work and determination of the band. The band had a busy year in 2022, producing their second EP as a follow-up to their debut album Sertraline Dream (2020), performing in front of larger and more enthusiastic crowds, and becoming featured acts for Canadian Music Week, Exclaim! Magazine’s Class of 2022, and Sarnia’s Empty Fest.

Listen to Wait For The Sun below

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