Timebelle Adds Her Voice To The Ongoing War With ’96

Sensational Switzerland singer, Timebelle has dished out this new song she tags ’96 where she adds her voice to the ongoing Russia and Ukraine war.

96 is the story of a young boy who grows up and struggles to find his place in the wide, terrifying world.

It’s a strange world to him, full of restrictions and pressures that push him to ignore himself and accept trivial, worldly ideals which had nothing to do with him.

She actually wrote this song with Runa and produced by Andy Platon and Runa says that “‘96 is not a year chosen randomly, it is the year in which Ukraine gave up the last nuclear warhead in exchange for Russia’s promise of never attacking Ukraine. The betrayed adult, who now lives in the real world, where people are constantly hurting and betraying each other, wants to go back in time to correct this mistake made in ’96, which today created this apocalyptic scenario”

Timebelle followed up with a music video directed by Leonid Cojocaru which continues the same storyline of a planet that has come to an end, devastated by humanity, which can have such a devastating component at times.

Timebelle considers that music has the power to heal, and with their new single “’96,” they hope to not only heal souls but also provide monetary assistance to individuals who have had to leave their homes, lives, and all behind. All proceeds from the song ’96 ‘will be given to Ukrainian refugees.

She is a lead vocalist Miruna Manescu from Romania is expressing her passion for art as a gigging musician and passionate actor.

Listen to the song and enjoy the video below. Follow her on social media via @timebelle on all platforms.


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