The House Flies Drops New EP Titled – Glimmer EP

Glimmer EP is the first release produced by the band “The House Flies”, the Ep has a total of 4 songs which spans over 16 minutes 45 secs. Glimmer EP is a side project of the members of the grunge metal act, Murnau.

This project is to pave way for their upcoming full-length album, which the band is working. Glimmer Ep is a collection of post punk, gothic, shoegaze, metal, it is surprising the band can group all these genres and put them together to form a masterpiece.

The four songs on the EP are psychedelic, playing a loud and atmospheric mixture of post punk and grunge metal.

grazed with melancholy lyrics accompanied with riff raff guitars. The House Flies take influence from goth and death rock legends. Bass and drum driven with plenty of atmosphere.

The EP was inspired by 80’s post punk music, the track Sequin is a reworking of a song Alex wrote nearly 20 years ago for the band Far From Words. All the songs were recorded in Alex’s basement, mixed by RossMixes and mastered by Golden Mastering.

“The House Flies have a vision and this EP, Glimmer, is that vision distilled down into four tracks. As we continue the project and begin writing our first full-length, these initial recordings will guide us and be elaborated on as we take the project further into new directions. I don’t know the details of what kinds of music different insects like, but I think there’s a few flies out there who would give this album a spin.” – Alex Riggen

Listen to Glimmer EP below


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