Sabrina Bellaouel Lays Her Vocals On Latest Single Trust

Singing and speaking in English, French, and Arabic, Sabrina Bellaouel taps into myriad influences: from religion to spirituality, astrology to club culture, romance, the body, and self love. Creating a balance between places, identities, and sounds is a huge part of the charm of Al Hadr.

Trust is the 11th song off her upcoming debut album which is expected to be released on March 3rd, 2023. The trust storyline was taken from the story of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, Sabrina took a portion of the movie, that carried a lot of lessons and carefully put them into a song and graced it with her soothing voice.

Being the only Arab princess in all of Disney, I wanted to change the scenario. There’s this great scene where Al reaches out to her and says, “Do you trust me? In my script, she doesn’t trust anyone. The character of Jasmine is interesting to me because she is fighting against some of the traditions of a society that is limiting for women of that time. She wants to be heard, not just seen. She has the makings of a sultana in her own right. Says Sabrina

— Al Hadr, a 13-track album featuring collaborations with dance producer Basile 3, experimental club DJ and writer Crystallmess, jazz musician Monomite, and pop singer Bonnie Banane, is the French-Algerian producer and vocalist’s unique style of electronic R&B.

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