Soul-Stirring Brilliance and Mystical Energy in “Mighty Fine” By Odd Army

Odd Army‘s music beautifully combines elements of beauty and dejection, resulting in soul-stirring brilliance. Their upcoming album showcases their exploration of emotional depths, revealing different interpretations that reflect their innermost feelings. With a unique blend of captivating guitar riffs and pounding drums, Odd Army creates a heaviness that captivates listeners without reaching maximum volume.

“Mighty Fine,” the lead single from their upcoming album, exemplifies Odd Army’s enchanting music and introspective lyricism. Recorded at Real 2 Reel Studios in Atlanta, GA, with Will Turpin of Collective Soul producing, the song features classic shoegaze guitars harmonizing with the intricate musical arrangement. The earworm distorted guitar riff and groovy bass line establish a captivating foundation that persists throughout the song. The addition of heavy pounding drums elevates the track to new heights. With reverb-heavy vocals conveying heartfelt yearning, lyrics like “Bend me over backwards… chew me up… spit me out” resonate deeply with listeners.

Filling the empty spaces with fuzz and distorted guitars, “Mighty Fine” features a modulated guitar solo reminiscent of Jack White’s style. The seamless flow of mantra-like melodies invites listeners to indulge in repeated listens. Grounded in energetic riffs and propelled by a relentless rhythm section, Odd Army’s sound delivers a psychedelic landscape intertwined with the delicate dance of human emotion.

The band describes “Mighty Fine” as an Odd Army staple, driven by powerful riffs, energetic instrumental breaks, and occasional musical detours for the sheer fun of it. Lyrically, the song reflects on the driving forces in one’s life, questioning whether they actively pursue fulfillment or simply follow circumstances. Comprising four childhood friends—Fidel Nuñez (vocals), Alec Luttrell (guitar, vocals), Cameron Kao (bass, keyboard), and Mitchell Wright (drums)—Odd Army formed in 2013 and embarked on a musical journey that spread their music from the Golden Gate to the coastal shores before settling in Los Angeles, a city of boundless potential.

With infectious grooves that incite head-banging and booty-shaking, Odd Army’s unwavering love for music continues to drive their pursuit of good times with good people. “Mighty Fine” sets a benchmark for their upcoming releases, blending vocals, electric guitars, and pulsating drums to create an immersive experience that evokes a range of emotions. Listening to Odd Army is a rewarding experience, reminding us that rock music is still evolving and ever-present.

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