Prepare To Be Stunned By Sara Möller’s Latest Album ‘How and How’

”I got the chance to listen to Sara Möller’s latest album ’How and How’, and it’s with so much joy that I share this album with you guys. Get ready for an amazing journey of soundgasm, something you least expected.

The first song on the album gives a perfect picture of what to expect on the full album, ”It’s a Pity’ features playful guitar riffs that are both soulful and nostalgic not to mention Sara’s mesmerising voice.

’How and How’ has a total of 11 songs with intriguing and dreamy soundscapes which are complemented by Sara Möller’s derisive lyrics, offering a reflection on the phases of life ranging from a wide section of genres from Jazz to Blues, folk and chanson.

The entire album spans 38 minutes and 25 seconds although it’s by far the current standard in modern-day music, but for such an album I think it is short-lived. wWith the type of instruments which come to play during the production of the songs, you can’t help but fall in love with it.

This album weaves through dark jazz and ethereal folk, creating its own twisted cabaret. Sara’s distinct and poignant vocal style creates an interesting ambience between beautiful and slightly disturbed!

The album features some of Sweden’s leading musicians such as Konrad Agnas on drums and percussion, Mauritz Agnas contra, Nils Berg on clarinet, saxophone and flute and Tobias Wiklund on trumpet. Leif Jordansson- well-known musician and composer from the Swedish experimental music scene- on guitar and banjo plays an important role in creating the eclectic and raw sound of the album.

One undeniable fact about the album is the ingenuity and the inability to choose a favourite because as the album progresses you keep getting a new favourite.

Although all the songs are great and really touching i just cannot stop listening to ”You Gotta Live With It” there is something about that song that makes it addictive, from the instrumentations and atop that, the lyricism and the vocals are touching and assuring, I believe a lot of music lovers would fall in love with the entire album.

This is my first time listening to the sounds of Sara Möller but I can tell she really has a knack for making good music, you can tell she paid detailed attention to the production of the 11 songs, from lyricism to the production of the songs.

’How and How’ is an album that will glue you.

Listen to ’How and How’ below

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