Remi Charles Pours Heart Into Latest Single ‘Succession’

I know you have heard songs from artiste with incredible lyricism and powerful vocals, but have you heard of Remi Charles?. Remi Charles is a talented songwriter and music producer who is heavily fixated on producing songs that transcends borders, and he does exactly that with his latest single “Succession”

Remi Charles wasted no time on showcasing his vocal prowess, only a few seconds into the song and he greats you with a soothing voice which later soars higher, his alternating voice draws attention to the lyrics of the song.

Although the lyrics are sober, I like the fact the lyrics are clear and can be heard throughout the song, this elevates the listening pleasure. With a Micheal Jackson typa beat Remi Charles steals the dancefloor with his music-manship.

Remi actually did a good job on choosing the instrumentations for “Successions”, although he has a knack for music making, listening to it you can tell a lot of work was put into the making of this song. from the lyrics to the vocals and production.

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Remi Charles Pours Heart Into Latest Single ‘Succession’

“I wanted to write a song that feels like everything you’ve ever wanted is just ‘round the corner,” says Charles.

Succession” is like killing a bird with two stones, its lyrics are empowering yet you can dance to it, one repetitive phrase in Succession is “RISE”, a call to action for people from all around the globe to be what they are meant to be, even the face of adversities, to keep Rising.

One interesting thing about Succession is how Remi Charles allowed only the instrumentals to play close to the end of the song.

This is definitely something that would hook you till the end of it and make you wanting more of it, the grooves on the song are spectacular, “Succession” spans for 4 minutes and 3 seconds, which is an ample time enjoy a song this calibre, but regardless of the length you find yourself putting it on repeat.

Listen to Succession below


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