Medse Releases Hounds Unto The Dancefloor

Medse is a Swedish music producer who is heavily influenced by some of the greats like Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Deadmau5, Justice, and Mr.Oizo, his music is usually a mix between Electronic rhythms and Grime-styled vocals.

His latest single Hounds is a perfect sample of that, Hounds is an energetic electronic banger with punchy rap vocals about growing up in the ’90s and facing all the strange qualities of this modern day. Grime influences. It a surprisingly punchy.

I find the lyrics to the song rather interesting as it ridicules how things are done in our modern day. The lyrics of the song can easily be related to people born in the 90s, the feelings of being alienated from today’s rap scene, all the mumble-rap songs, and the dream of becoming rich and successful.

Hounds draw attention to the pretense that everything is fine and under control, whereas it is not, trying hard to adjust to how it works especially social media. Not only does Hounds have an interesting wordplay, but the beats are danceable and catchy.

A good dose of comedy and a top-notch vocal delivery make this track a very, very entertaining experience. Hounds was produced by no other but Medse himself.

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