Lewis Fitzgerald’s New Song With Wewantwraith Takes Us On A “Short Ride”

Audiences are more inclined to engage with musicians whose music has a deep personal connection to them, as this creates a more relatable experience for the audience.

As a result, Lewis Fitzgerald has issued his most recent tune, which is titled “Short Ride” and showcases the abilities of Wewantwraith.

The songwriter’s skill at using music to share deeply intimate situations like sorrow, remorse, grief, and suicidal intentions is on full display in this track.

While visiting a sick friend in the hospital, he witnessed a dialogue between a young woman and her mother, who was battling cancer, and this experience served as a source of inspiration for him.

The 21-year-old singer was so touched by their conversation about living life to the fullest that the phrase “live fast, die young” became the song’s central theme.

This musical journey intends to take the audience on a dramatic and emotionally charged journey into the depths of the human experience, and that is its ultimate purpose.

An original and indelible piece of art is created through the collaboration of melodic vocals performed by Lewis Fitzgerald and irresistible pop-R&B.

We are sure you are also going to enjoy the accompanying visuals directed by Dumi Siwo and produced by Daniel Evans. Do well to watch it too! Follow him on Tik Tok and Instagram.

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