gooddogthedog & Quanny B Team Up To Drop New Album “AKASHA”

gooddogthedog’s newest album is called “AKASHA,” and he collaborated with Quanny B to create it.

Each of the album’s ten tracks explores a different subject or theme. All of the songs present really interesting concepts and ideas.

He’s a gifted lyricist and composer with an ear for narrating stories. Each of his songs offers its own story, drawing on his own life and experiences.

gooddogthedog’s songs are striking for their emotional depth and the seamless way in which he incorporates narrative elements like melody, lyricism, and orchestration into his compositions.

This allows him to give his listeners a profound and enveloping experience, taking them on a personal journey through the feelings and events that have inspired his music.

It is a credit to Quanny B’s inventiveness and skill as a songwriter that he is able to connect with his listeners on such a deep level through the stories he tells in his songs.

It’s a laid-back hip-hop track with an indie flavor that relies heavily on live guitars. His partner, the rapper QuannyB, and gooddogthedog produced this.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Twitter.



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