Lane Lines Unveils the Ethereal ‘Time & Space’

Hey there music lovers! I’ve got some exciting news for you all. Seattle’s very own rising bedroom pop star, Lane Lines, just dropped her latest single “Time & Space” from the highly anticipated sophomore album “Lucid Dreaming.” And let me tell you, it’s an absolute dreamy masterpiece!

Lane Lines, mastermind behind this magical project, has woven together influences from Frou Frou, The Japanese House, and Fleet Foxes, creating a cozy, moody, and oh-so-comforting sound that they like to call “Sweatercore.” The album, set to release on September 1st, takes us on an emotional journey through their experiences during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll hear otherworldly visits from Lane Lines’ late grandfather, alongside heartwarming tributes to the real-life inspirations that keep us going.

“Time & Space” hits you right in the feels with its beautiful lyrics, capturing the essence of reconnecting with a special someone after a long time apart. It’s a mix of love and loneliness that tugs at your heartstrings, and the catchy hook “I’ve been dreaming, lucid dreaming” will be stuck in your head all day long.

Lane Lines is not afraid to tackle some deep topics, diving into mental health, sobriety, and anxiety, and bringing these essential discussions to a wider audience with her pop-focused approach. No wonder she’s been making waves on radio stations like 93.3 Alt AZ and KEXP. She’s even been recognized as one of the freshest artists coming out of Phoenix in 2020!

So, folks, get ready to lose yourself in the enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics of “Time & Space.” Lane Lines has crafted a musical escape that’ll take you on an unforgettable journey beyond time and space. Don’t miss out on this dreamy adventure!

Listen to Time & Space below

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