Kraftykid Tags LEEYVNG To Drop New Drill Tune “Maurice”

The song’s compelling appeal keeps you listening from beginning to end, and can you guess who made it possible? We must thank Kraftykid and LEEYVNG for that.

Their latest single, “Maurice,” is about the Japanese cultural icon of the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” monkeys.

It has the air of a spiritual connection that grabs you and doesn’t let go, and it has an alluring intensity that keeps you there. Both of these things work together to keep you there.

Shin-zen-bi is a Buddhist precept with ancient roots in Japan that symbolizes the aforementioned symbol and advises followers to dwell on the good and shun the bad.

These artists were demonstrating their ability to make the kind of raw and aggressive beats that are signature to UK Drill music.

In this track, Kraftykid demonstrates his mastery of a specific form of music production, and in the following track, LEEYVNG demonstrates his mastery of the genre by showcasing his originality in the creation of rap lines.

They were both preaching moral conduct and the need of keeping an unadulterated heart while emphasizing their expertise in making music in this genre.

It’s inspiring to witness people who have honed specialized abilities to a high level, especially in the artistic realms, and when those abilities are combined with technical mastery, originality, and dedication to a field.

While we wait for Kraftykid to drop his “Away Games II”, listen to the song and follow Kraftykid on social media via Twitter and Instagram.

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