Kejcz Doesn’t Disappoint In “Set Me Free”

Kejcz was born in 1986 in Poland and is a cinematographer by profession. However, he began to compose music himself after he was inspired by film music classes with the composer Henryk Kuzniak. Since then, Kejcz has been captivated by the works of renowned filmmakers such as Krzysztof Kieślowski and Andrei Tarkovsky. As a result, his musical style combines emotional storytelling and ambient sounds in order to create something from many different elements.

His interpretation of emotional soundscapes makes him one of the most intriguing producers of our time. With an eye for detail and a positive attitude, Kejcz has become a successful music producer, constantly creating new works with passion and finesse.

Kejcz’s single “Set Me Free” is a superb introduction to the Polish producer’s EDM sensibilities, and is an unstoppable force of modern electronic pop. The basslines in this track have a palpable yet subtle presence that commands attention and creates an infectious rhythm guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days. Featuring beautiful female vocals by Basia Kolasa, her voice carries a sense of longing amongst the lush synths and percussion, creating an irresistibly bittersweet atmosphere.

Like any good EDM soundtrack, the audience finds itself lost in the production’s contagious rhythms and immersive hooks, which break out into anthemic builds before fading off into thumping refrains and pulsing drops. With a blend of warm throbbing bass mixed with cool vivid synth sounds, “Set Me Free” is not only a great tribute to true electronic music but an incredibly addictive track to boot. Whether used for background music or a full club mix, this is sure to be one of Kejcz’s most memorable releases and EDM fans will no doubt be eagerly awaiting future releases from this upcoming producer.

The production on “Set Me Free” really shines – it feels decidedly futuristic while indulging in classic 80s synth elements. This is super catchy and designed to make you dance without fail. There are multiple dynamic drops that add texture, resonating deeply with any listener’s eardrums – this is music to be enjoyed loudly. From start to finish, Kejcz sculpts a blissful sonic journey full of majesty, showcasing his originality and promising great things to come from his productions as we look ahead into 2023.

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