Angela Sclafani Captivating Melodies “Songs of Other Selves”

Angela Sclafani is an award-winning NYC songwriter, performer, and theater-maker. Her work merges clever lyrics, memorable melodies, and powerful vocal range, evoking the styles of multi-genre greats like Regina Spektor and Norah Jones. From her original EPs to her Stevie Nicks reimaginations, Angela consistently delights critics and fans alike with her inventively soothing music and knack for storytelling. She is a Woman to Watch, Fred Ebb Award Winner, and Richie Jackson Artist Fellow all rolled into one remarkable talent.

New York city based singer and songwriter Angela Sclafani’s debut full length album, “Songs of Other Selves”, is a sonic journey into the playful and kaleidoscopic world of her inner child and her past personas. This captivating journey is Annie’s first foray into an emotionally raw and anthemic side of indie-pop.

Angela Sclafani showcases throughout the album her velvety female vocals, painting an intimate portrait of inner growth arising from healing trauma amongst delicately interweaving elements of folk with her magnetic melodies and relatable lyrics. Guiding listeners on an ethereal yet heartfelt exploration of self-discovery, each song transports one to a more inspired place filled with balmy synths and dreamy landscapes.

“Songs of Other Selves” features a collection of songs about growing up, healing trauma and getting to know the different parts of yourself. Its carefree production oozes soulful musings radiating infectious optimism. Uplifting in its graceful melancholic music, it truly engages listeners through its explorative yet comforting soundscapes.

Overall, “Songs of Other Selves” proves to be a soulful work that many can relate to for its equally ambitious tone and soaring indie pop tones – making for a beautiful experience sure to leave you hypnotized by its enchanting vibes. Angela Sclafani delivers a captivating blend of folk and Alt-pop melodies with solace, strength, grace and wisdom – all offering up the perfect soundtrack for your innermost private journeys as your rediscover yourself.

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