The Cookie Jar Complot Dazzles With “Beaver Deceiver”

The Cookie Jar Complot is a Luxembourg-based instrumental post to math rock band, formed in 2020 by songWriting duo Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences, they create an eclectic sonic landscape of dynamic rhythms, post rock soundscapes and intertwining guitar melodies.

With a combined background in music having played and written for multiple Luxembourg-based bands, Sven and Gilles join forces to create an exciting live show, backed by Philipp Colling (Bass) and Miko Buraczyk (Guitar).

“Beaver Deceiver”, the recent single released by the Luxembourg based duo Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener, is something to behold. The drums, straightforward and powerful, set the beat for an incredible musical experience. The guitars come in, adding texture and complexity and the basslines dive deep into a fantastic groove. It all combines to be a perfectly crafted and intricate math rock instrumental.

The exciting thing about “Beaver Deceiver” is that each element balances the others and none of them are in the forefront. Every instrument adds to the overall soundscape and what is left is a synergy that brings out the best in all. All of this allows for a complex and interesting sound, such that ears are constantly piqued and engaged.

Their attention to detail is remarkable, giving each piece its own unique vibe and texture. Every note is deliberately selected and played with intention, allowing for a beautiful interplay between the two musicians. It’s a feast for the ears, and the music created is magical. Every time you listen, you will be taken on an intriguing soundscape journey – a journey full of emotion, expression and complexity.

The duo have created something powerful and special with this recording. Whether it’s the beautiful guitar arpeggios, the dynamic percussion, or the dazzling lead melodies – it’s a testament to what can be created when two experienced musicians come together.

Overall, “Beaver Deceiver” is a unique and exemplary math rock instrumental that leaves the listener feeling satisfied. It’s a beautiful, complex, and well-crafted piece that reinforces why Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener are excellent musicians and why the singularity of rock cannot go understated.

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