Helena May “Somebody New”: A Pop Ode to Authenticity

Helena May, a talented singer-songwriter, has gifted the music scene with an infectious and energetic pop gem in her single, “Somebody New.” Riding on the wave of catchy hooks and a groove-infused melody, Helena May manages to produce an empowering, feel-good experience like no other.

Right from the get-go, Helena’s robust female vocals steal the spotlight, exuding confidence and spirited flair. Expertly blending her invigorating sound with elements from other genres, Helena May crafts a perfect blend that sets toes tapping and hearts soaring. Unsurprisingly, this catchy tune is set to be the ultimate anthem for a lively, liberating life soundtrack.

With “Somebody New,” Helena May masterfully encourages listeners to break free, embrace their authentic selves, and embark on the journey of self-discovery. The song’s lyrics serve as a reminder to relish the ride and inspire others to unapologetically express their true selves. This message resonates with many, including myself, and serves as a welcome invitation to revisit and evaluate our personal narratives.

The accompanying music video adds a layer of vivacious fun to the already infectious tune, cleverly using humor and whimsy to delve into the theme of self-evaluation. In a stroke of genius, Helena May poses a thought-provoking question to viewers and listeners alike: “If you could, what advice would you give to your younger self?” Combining this introspective reflection with an imaginative made-up television show, a portrayal of a younger Helena, and a live band performance, the visuals bring the song’s message to life in a brilliantly engaging way.

As a music reviewer, I’m drawn to storytelling songs that evoke powerful emotions and foster connections to something bigger. “Somebody New” checks all those boxes with its anthemic and euphoric energy. This lively single transports me back to the ’90s and early 2000s, an era full of feel-good anthems.

Helena May has unquestionably struck gold with “Somebody New”, a refreshingly spirited pop concoction that harbors the power to stand the test of time. For music enthusiasts craving an instant pick-me-up or a sonic remedy for monotonous days, it’s about time to let Helena May lead the way to an uplifting, groovy, and unapologetically fun escape from the ordinary.

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