Embracing the Euphoria: Hotel Mira’s “Waste Away” Journey

In the echoing chimes of their latest offering, “Waste Away,” Hotel Mira birth tremors of celestial discordance and earthly resonance unto us, straddling dimensions known only to ethereal beings and tortured human souls alike. Grieve’s guitar wails like a cosmic banshee set loose in this mundane realm; simultaneously divine yet decadently profane.

Kerr sings symphonies in whispers – tales of resilience seemingly told from within an iron maiden – addressing domestic abuse with lyrics that bleed raw desperation beaten into uncompromising defiance. It is at once dolorous balladeering interwoven with warrior cries resounding with surreal brilliance against the backdrop of Noble’s bass humming dirges, assuming forms both mortifyingly sorrowful and spellbindingly comforting.

The crash-and-burn rhythm provided by George emulates Poe’s telltale heart but also pops boisterously like champagne corks under neon lights. A seemingly paradoxical dance between dirges for funerals never mourned over and anthems for victory parades never celebrated.

“Waste Away,” enters as an avatar morphing nimbly through garage rock grit, indie pop sparkle and glam swagger – shape-shifting genres until borders blur into obscurity; chaos taming order just to whip it into fervor agitated anew while consuming itself repeatedly like a fever-dream ouroboros intoxicated in delirium sublime!

Embracing the Euphoria: Hotel Mira's "Waste Away" Journey
Embracing the Euphoria: Hotel Mira’s “Waste Away” Journey

Its blooming departure leaves one bereft then invigorated —as if having danced barefoot across shards of emotional wreckage softened by diaphanous veils made out macabre delight— forever stained by celestial auroras etched indelibly on the canvas your very soul: A short-lived euphoria topped up liberally pouring out haunted stardust lingering until oblivion takes its toll.

Hotel Mira at once strip away defenses bare then swaddle you tender into safety found amidst ruins guarded fiercely by feisty songs refusing to waste away into whisperings of silent screams forgotten. It’s a dizzying spree woven unitard out of tragedy, resilience and redemption archived in anthems creating acoustically quilted antidotes for hearts scorched by home-ground battles.

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Hotel Mira LIVE Performances

Great Escape Show

Thursday, May 16th
The Impressive/Planetary Showcase @ The Secret Comedy Club, 2:00 PM
East Street Tap, 8:20 PM

Friday, May 17th
Grand Central, 11:30 AM

London Shows

Monday, May 13th
Moth Club

Sunday, May 19th
The Victoria, Dalston

Join us for an unforgettable series of live performances by Hotel Mira!

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