“Just Worried Because” – Shannon Darcy’s Cathartic Punk-Pop Breakthrough

Shannon Darcy’s latest single “Just Worried Because” is powerful enough to prove that she has advanced a lot as an artist. It’s vibrant and all of a sudden the punk, emo, and pop blend, is built on rock doesn’t sound fake at all, it’s very relatable.

Right at the beginning Shannon’s vocals are buzzing off the start with these nifty guitar riffs and precise instruments. It’s unmistakable – it has a good pop-punk sound, but it still sounds brand new and exciting. She is able to transcend her vocal range, and is at once raw and polished, kind of as Our Lady Peace.

Lyrically, “Just Worried Because” dives very deep into the hardship of working for overcoming anxiety and overthink, a problem familiar to many people at the moment. Shannon barbs out her feelings and is unapologetic for their heartfelt and honest nature.  You cannot help but get dragged into her space and see the world through her eyes.

The song design is not complex but is still classic, which contains some sick transitions and a chorus that may linger in your head for days. But a line such as that spoken-word bridge is such a profound and dramatic character articulation, proving Shannon’s versatility as an artist.

To wrap it all up, “Just Worried Because” strikes as a wonderful example of Darcy’s evolution as a musician and a writer. Alright, here is the, definitely, infectious one with its talking to you lyrics right straight to the heart that is gonna have everyone going crazy and waiting to hear what will she do next.

Listen to Just Worried Because below

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