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DAAY, a dynamic and ever-evolving band led by Alex Barty-King, presents their debut EP, ‘Cosmic Gossip,’ an immersive 14-minute journey from darkness to self-reflection. Recorded across different locations including Tileyard Studios and various houses, this EP showcases DAAY’s extraordinary musical talent and their ability to seamlessly blend genres.

The EP begins with the self-titled track, “Cosmic Gossip,” setting the stage for a cosmic adventure. The magnificent use of musical instruments and the band’s impeccable wordplay create a captivating fusion that flows effortlessly throughout the entire EP.

Following the opening track, “Top Heavy” plunges the listener into a world of pleading vocals, jazzy rhythms, and a sense of despair. However, it quickly finds its groove, reminiscent of the experimental stylings of artists like David Bowie. The hypnotic allure of the song is enhanced by Alex’s charismatic vocals, providing the perfect finishing touch.

“Mercy in the Jungle” takes center stage as a full instrumental track, showcasing DAAY’s prowess in authentic music production. It serves as a testament to the band’s ability to create evocative soundscapes that transport listeners to unknown territories, albeit fleetingly.

Closing the EP is the impactful track “Who Am I,” serving as a farewell and summarizing the essence of the entire musical journey. It starts with an infusion of 80s disco-funk elements, skillfully blended with modern rock-pop influences. As the song progresses, it builds momentum, leaving listeners with a powerful sense of reflection and discovery.

Formed in 2019 just before the pandemic, DAAY has undergone various lineup changes, with their current live setup featuring Alex Barty-King on songwriting and vocals, Nick Wemyss on lead guitar, Melody Wayfare on synths, Jonathan Woods on rhythm guitar, Euan Mcguinty on bass, and Max Mason on drums. With a mission to produce experimental genre-defying alternative rock music that embraces art and theater, DAAY’s live shows incorporate a performative aspect from lead singer Alex Barty-King.

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of artists including Julian Casablancas, John Grant, David Byrne, and Pink Floyd, DAAY’s ‘Cosmic Gossip’ EP signifies their ambitious and boundary-pushing musical approach.

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as DAAY’s ‘Cosmic Gossip’ EP takes you on a captivating odyssey through mesmerizing soundscapes and thought-provoking lyrics. This debut release is just a taste of the artistic brilliance that DAAY has in store for listeners, and it marks the beginning of an exciting musical trajectory for this talented collective.

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