Conor Maynard Releases His Debut Single Of The Year Dubbed ‘If I Ever’

Conor Maynard decided to become an independent artist in March 2020. He had been signed to a big label for ten years and had a lot of success around the world during that time.

Conor is a really ambitious person, and he has even starred in a Broadway production called Kinky Boots, demonstrating another element of the multifaceted skills he has.

He was one of the first homegrown artists to go from being popular online to being a pop star in real life. This showed the power of dedicated digital audiences and paved the way for many other artists to do the same.

He was one of the first homegrown talents to go from YouTube to being a pop star in real life.

If you watch any of Conor’s early videos, you will immediately be able to see the natural skill he has as well as the enthusiasm he has for music.

If I’m honest, at the end of 2022 I went through a really rough breakup, which led to the decision to take a step back from everything, rather than trying to pretend I was fine,” Maynard revealed. “I took the time to pour it all into the only thing that ever seems to help me get through difficult moments – my music.

Because he became famous at a young age, Conor’s formative years were heavily affected by his role as a worldwide pop star. He grew up and became a man at the same time that he figured out how the music business works and learned everything there is to know about its politics and inner workings.

Conor has never been afraid to try new things or try new things in his career, which has helped him reach new audiences over and over again. However, he has never compromised what speaks to him as an artist and will continue to do so.

During the winter of 2022, pop singer Conor Maynard disappeared from social media, leaving his more than 13 million fans wondering where he was.

The musician and YouTube star had a very busy year. He went on his biggest headlining tour to date, visiting more than 20 cities in the U.S. and Europe.

His new song, titled “If I Ever,” was just released today, and it provides fans with the answers they’ve been waiting for all this time.

‘If I Ever’ is the first of a series of songs I wrote about an extremely difficult breakup I went through last year, It was a unique relationship and hard to write about, because 90% of it took place over phone calls and video calls, which I understand was common during the pandemic.


This song captures my emotional experience following that breakup, and the anticipation I continue to feel about my upcoming appearance in her hometown of Sydney, Australia since in our last conversation, she told me she still hopes to see me there.

Now, after his time away from the limelight, Maynard has returned with the song “If I Ever,” which is the first taste of a daring new slate of content that he expects to release throughout the year 2023.

“If I Ever” is a turning point in Maynard’s creative life. He lets the many skills he learned as a child grow and lead him in new artistic and creative directions. The songs on this album are very close to Maynard’s heart, and he gained a lot of confidence while touring the world.




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